From a standard sanding and refinishing to a multi -step staining and finishing process, ACE Flooring will start and complete the job to meet your expectations.

Wood Floor & Stairs Sanding

Our skilled and experienced workers will restore your existing wood flooring and stairs using the latest sanding equipment available.

Standard & Natural Craft Oil Staining

ACE provides a Wide selection of stain colors including Neutrals or Nature Look protective OILS giving your floor the rich and velvet lasting beauty.

Oil & Water Based Finishes

Oil & Water Based Finishes

Oil based finish designated to withstand the high traffic areas is available for customer choice, where water based finish is formulated exactly the same as durable as oil based, but being environmentally friendly with UV-faster curing time .


The Screen & Recoat procedure is a quick and cost effective method to revitalize a dull looking wood floor.

Dustless Sanding System

Thanks to the latest advanced dustless systems available, our equipment is 95 % dust free. This adds a higher quality results and healthy working condition.

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